Empowering Memphis: The Impact of Memphis Urban League Young Professionals
Non Profits | September 18, 2023
Discover how Memphis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP) is shaping the future of Memphis through financial literacy, youth mentoring, civic engagement, and more.

In the heart of Memphis, a dynamic and dedicated group of young professionals is making waves in the community. They are the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP), an organization committed to fostering leadership and creating a brighter future for the city they call home. Through their tireless efforts, MULYP has emerged as a force for positive change, supporting the objectives of the National Urban League, Memphis Urban League, and National Urban League Young Professionals. Their mission is crystal clear: empower young professionals aged 21 to 40 in the Memphis area while serving their affiliate through impactful social and community action.

A Legacy of Service and Leadership

Since its inception in 2003, MULYP has been working hand in hand with the Memphis Urban League to empower communities and change lives. As one of the city's largest networks of young leaders, they have earned recognition throughout the community for their members' remarkable achievements. MULYP stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the potential of a new generation of leaders to effect positive change.

Five Pillars of Impact

MULYP's impact is far-reaching, with a focus on five core areas:

  1. Financial Literacy and Empowerment: MULYP educates and empowers individuals in the community on financial matters, helping them make informed decisions and achieve financial stability.

  2. Youth Mentoring and Development: The Youth Mentoring & Development Committee is dedicated to the development of mentoring programs, supporting general youth development, and enhancing educational opportunities.

  3. Civic Engagement and Advocacy: The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee spearheads programs to ensure that MULYP membership and the broader community are well-informed and educated on political issues that affect their lives and communities.

  4. Personal and Professional Development: MULYP offers valuable resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth, enabling members to enhance their leadership abilities and advance in their careers.

  5. Health Literacy and Advocacy: MULYP is committed to promoting health literacy and advocacy, contributing to a healthier, more informed Memphis.

Through these initiatives, MULYP strives to fill a vital void in the Memphis community. They are attracting, assisting, and supporting the next generation of Memphis leadership, creating a ripple effect of positive change that benefits all.

Collaborating for Greater Impact

MULYP understands the power of collaboration and has partnered with various organizations in the Memphis community to amplify their impact:

  1. Memphis Brooks Museum of Art: MULYP has collaborated with the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art to bring unique film series and events to the community, enriching cultural experiences.

  2. BLDG Memphis: MULYP has worked closely with BLDG Memphis, an organization focused on developing and supporting Memphis neighborhoods, aligning their efforts for urban revitalization.

  3. UCan Achieve Memphis: Collaboration with UCan Achieve Memphis supports educational and personal development for young people in Memphis, creating pathways to success.

  4. The Time is Now Douglass CDC: MULYP's partnership with The Time is Now Douglass CDC contributes to the enhancement of the Douglass neighborhood, fostering community growth and improvement.

  5. VECA (Vollintine-Evergreen Community Association): MULYP's involvement with VECA aids in promoting a safe, vibrant, and diverse community in the Vollintine-Evergreen area of Memphis.

These collaborations underscore MULYP's unwavering commitment to working hand in hand with other organizations to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the Memphis community.

In conclusion, the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP) are on a mission to empower, engage, and transform Memphis for the better. Their dedication to financial literacy, youth mentoring, civic engagement, personal and professional development, and health advocacy is reshaping the city's future. If you want to be a part of this change and support their impactful initiatives, don't miss the opportunity to join MULYP at the Save Our Sons 5K event this weekend. Let's run towards a brighter and more empowered Memphis together!

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