Memphis Black Healers Collective

Peace, Love & Light


MISSION: Our mission is to bridge the wellness gap for black and brown communities by providing access to
resources. MBHC promotes community-centered and evidenced-based holistic approaches to health and

VISION: A sustainable community of Black and brown individuals who are safe, healthy, and whole!!!

WHO ARE WE: Memphis Black Healers Collective is a community of alternative, healing arts, holistic, and
traditional medical practitioners dedicated to nurturing the healing of the Black community.

Why: We believe the Black Community is vital to the wholeness of the city of Memphis.
We exist to create a radical shift in consciousness that serves and cultivates a community of individuals who
are vibrant and flourish in spirit, mind, body and soul. We aim to achieve this by creating a community of
culturally sensitive care that provides alternative, non-traditional opportunities
for access to holistic education, resources, tools, and practices that support healing of the whole person and
of the community.