Kimery Wealth Management

Kimery Wealth Management is a privately-owned investment advisory practice!


We create highly personalized financial strategies that are designed to preserve and grow your wealth conservatively over time. We deliver comprehensive insights and relevant expertise as we provide sophisticated investment strategies that match your most intricate goals and needs.

How it Works

We begin our introductions with a discovery process, and our due diligence goes well beyond numbers. We want to know your preferences, your aspirations, and, most importantly, understand your core financial concerns. This includes not only the quantitative but also your emotional and behavioral considerations.

Through application of the principles of behavioral finance, the information we uncover during discovery will also allow us to decipher your individual challenges. Through consistent education, outreach and proactive coaching, we’ll help you optimize financial behaviors while also broadening perspective, ensuring that volatility and disruptive events do not distract from your long-term plans.

We are equally inquisitive and thorough in vetting the asset classes where we allocate your assets, always putting quality and consistency as the primary indicator. We are fundamentally agnostic to the vehicle with which we access any specific asset class. While we are always focused on finding investment opportunities that can out perform, downside consideration is an integral piece of how we guide you through wealth preservation.

Our qualitative approach to investing is balanced with quantitative rigor through institutional-quality research, data and trend analysis and investment analytics.