Madonna Learning Center

Empowering children & adults with disabilities


Who Are We?

Madonna Learning Center is a private, independent and faith-based school for children and young adults with disabilities. Approximately 100 children and young adults ages 4 to 30+ years old are annually enrolled in our school and adult program. Madonna serves several types of disabilities, including Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, rare genetic disorders and seizure disorders. Admission is open without regard to race, creed, sex/gender, national or ethnic origin. Educational services are individualized to maximize strengths and address challenges, making our approach unique. Each student is encouraged to be as independent as possible --- challenged by creative and exciting teaching techniques that are individualized according to capabilities and needs. At Madonna, we consider the student's family a vital and respected partner in creating programs that encourage the students’ independence and together, celebrating achievements.

Madonna Learning Center is a member of the Memphis Association of Independent Schools (MAIS); we have held AdvancedEd accreditation (formerly SACS, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) since 2002. Our professional staff is dynamic and unique; they are also highly trained and accredited in their respective disciplines.

We are registered as a 501(C) (3) not for profit organization in Tennessee; donations to the school are tax deductible to the extent governed by federal law. Madonna Learning Center’s operating revenues are sourced through tuition, fundraising efforts and special events, the United Way and corporate/individual in-kind donations. We are appreciative of our many friends and supporters who believe in our mission and give so generously.

Madonna Learning Center is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, some of whom are parents of current or former students.

Madonna Learning Center is committed to the belief that our children and young adults, regardless of their disability, can succeed and build vital academic, social and work-related foundations. Our goal is simple – to develop our students so they may be able to live independently and be valuable contributors to their community.

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