A Guide to Casting Ballots in Tennessee Elections
Meet The Candidates | June 09, 2024
According to ThinkTennessee's "Casting Ballots" brief, Tennessee holds several different types of elections, each with its own unique characteristics and significance.

Written by: JR Robinson

As the 2024 election cycle approaches, Tennesseans will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of municipal, state, and federal elections, each with its own set of procedures and requirements. From local mayoral races to the high-stakes U.S. Senate contest between incumbent Marsha Blackburn and challenger Gloria Johnson, it is crucial for voters to understand the different types of elections, polling place procedures, and methods for casting their ballots.

Fortunately, ThinkTennessee, a nonpartisan think tank, has released a comprehensive voter education series, including a policy brief dedicated to "Casting Ballots" in Tennessee. This invaluable resource provides a wealth of information on the various types of elections, where and when ballots may be cast, and the do's and don'ts of polling place procedures, empowering Tennesseans to exercise their fundamental right to vote with confidence.

Types of Elections in Tennessee

According to ThinkTennessee's "Casting Ballots" brief, Tennessee holds several different types of elections, each with its own unique characteristics and significance. These include:

  1. Federal Elections: Federal elections are held to elect members of the U.S. Congress, including Senators and Representatives, as well as the President and Vice President of the United States. These elections occur on a fixed schedule, with presidential elections held every four years, Senate elections every six years, and House of Representatives elections every two years.
  2. State Elections: State elections are held to elect officials at the state level, such as the Governor, members of the Tennessee General Assembly, and various other state-level positions. These elections typically occur in even-numbered years, with gubernatorial elections held every four years and state legislative elections held every two years.
  3. County and Municipal Elections: County and municipal elections are held to elect local officials, such as county mayors, city mayors, and members of county commissions and city councils. These elections are scheduled at the local level and can occur in both even and odd-numbered years.
  4. Special Elections: Special elections are held to fill vacancies in elected offices that occur between regularly scheduled elections. These can be called at any time and may be held for federal, state, or local positions.

Understanding the different types of elections and their respective schedules is crucial for ensuring that voters are prepared to participate in each election cycle.

Where and When to Cast Your Ballot

In Tennessee, voters have several options for casting their ballots, depending on the type of election and their individual circumstances. According to ThinkTennessee's brief, these options include:

  1. Early Voting: Tennessee offers an early voting period for most elections, typically beginning 20 days before Election Day and ending five days before Election Day. During this period, voters can cast their ballots at designated early voting locations within their county of residence.
  2. Election Day Voting: On Election Day, voters can cast their ballots at their assigned polling place within their county of residence. Polling places are typically open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but voters should check with their local election commission for specific hours.
  3. Absentee Voting: Voters who meet certain eligibility criteria, such as being over the age of 60, having a disability, or being out of the county on Election Day, may be eligible to vote by absentee ballot. ThinkTennessee's "Voting Absentee" brief provides detailed information on the absentee voting process in Tennessee.

It is important for voters to be aware of the specific dates, times, and locations for casting their ballots, as well as any relevant deadlines or requirements. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in a voter being unable to exercise their right to vote.

Polling Place Procedures

Once at the polling place, voters should be prepared to follow certain procedures to ensure a smooth and secure voting experience. ThinkTennessee's "Casting Ballots" brief outlines the following do's and don'ts:



By following these guidelines, voters can help ensure a smooth and secure voting experience for themselves and others.

The Importance of Voter Education

ThinkTennessee's "Casting Ballots" brief is a valuable resource for voters, candidates, and campaigns alike. By providing clear and concise information on the different types of elections, polling place procedures, and methods for casting ballots, this resource empowers Tennesseans to participate fully in the democratic process.

As the 2024 elections approach, it is crucial for candidates and campaigns to prioritize voter education and engagement efforts. Sharing ThinkTennessee's "Casting Ballots" brief and other resources from the voter education series can help ensure that every eligible voter has the information they need to make their voice heard at the ballot box.

Furthermore, candidates and campaigns should consider incorporating voter education initiatives into their strategies, such as hosting informational sessions, distributing educational materials, and leveraging social media and other digital platforms to reach a wider audience.

By demystifying the process of casting ballots and promoting widespread voter education, Tennessee can take a significant step towards increasing civic engagement and fostering a more inclusive and representative democracy.

As the high-stakes U.S. Senate race between Marsha Blackburn and Gloria Johnson intensifies, ensuring that every eligible voter understands the various methods and procedures for casting their ballot will be crucial in shaping the outcome of this pivotal election and the future of Tennessee.


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