Tech901 is a Memphis-based nonprofit seeking to leverage and build local tech talent while working with employers to increase the Memphis technology job base.



Tech901 was founded in 2015 by community development and business leaders with a goal of training a Memphis workforce to meet local I.T. hiring needs. Together, they crafted a plan to facilitate I.T. business growth in Memphis by recruiting, training, and developing a pipeline to place semi-skilled and skilled workers in open positions.


The I.T. field is unique in the number of openings and opportunities it offers for professional development. In Memphis alone, there are at least 6,000 I.T. jobs, and more openings than applicants. Memphis’s workforce is full of unskilled, semi-skilled, and career-changing workers seeking growth opportunities. Targeted training can bridge the gap between waiting jobs and a motivated workforce.


Working with Memphis’ leading businesses, Tech901 created corporate quality I.T. training tailored to fit local hiring needs. Tech901’s unique structure pre-tests applicants for aptitude and alleviates common impediments to success(training cost, program length, and location). Today, highly qualified Tech901 grads are filling employers’ needs for a trained I.T. workforce.

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