ProGeny Place

Moving More Mid-Southerners to Middle Income


ProGeny recognizes that throughout the Mid-South there are residents who traditionally are not able to participate in the shared prosperity of our region. All communities and all residents deserve access to balanced growth and shared prosperity. It is our primary focus to foster an ecosystem which creates a thriving Mid-South community of entrepreneurs and highly-skilled residents. By moving more Mid-Southerners to middle income, this collaborative partnership of educational, businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies will create opportunity, improved economic vitality and quality of life for Mid-Southerners from otherwise marginalized communities.

ProGeny's Values

  • ?We believe in EMPOWERING women and minorities. We believe by providing the support needed to women and minority-owned entrepreneurs and jobseekers, we will create a stronger, diverse, and more equitable communities.
  • We are COMMITTED to the success of women and minority-owned entrepreneurs. We believe that a healthy small business ecosystem provides measurable economic support to a city, creating vibrant and equitable living for all, therefore we are committed to increasing the number of fiscally stable minority and women-owned businesses in Memphis.
  • We believe in the POWER of highly-skilled workers. We believe in the power of collaboration. We know that when businesses are able to hire highly-skilled employees both groups have a higher capacity to grow and scale reaching their maximum potential for success.

Championing the Cause

ProGeny Place views itself as an advocate for women and minorities owned businesses and jobseekers in the Mid-South. Working to continuously identify the needs of these groups and to develop evolving program offerings to meet those needs is why we exist. Want to join us? Click here to volunteer as mentor or coach for one of our programs.